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There are a number of different choices for someone shopping for new outdoor furniture, and by looking more closely at patio furniture product design, you are more likely and able to make an informed decision and get something you will be happy with not only now, but for years to come!

The tried and true name in product design for all your outdoor needs is aluminum, so naturally it will be the first choice examined. The specific type of aluminum in question is referred to as "sling" because of the process used to treat it to make it the best. Sling does outstanding in all categories, which here include but are not limited to durability in tough weather situations, longevity with outdoor use, and manageability for the owner. You may love the look of cast iron for instance, but you may think differently when you pick it up and try to move it across the patio. And the all important factor of price is actually very reasonable, making sling aluminum the best recommendation for someone looking for a few outdoor chairs to jazz up the space.

Cast aluminum is the next option, and appears more formal than most other options because of its deep black, rustic look that many find attractive. The main drawback of this beautiful material is that it is heavier and a bit more costly. In terms of durability it is nearly unmatched. No weather condition can place even a mark on cast iron, and the cleaning is as easy as taking out a leaf-blower and "dusting" it off. The color also lends itself to cushioning, adding a great deal of design freedom in color and pattern, and also of course, comfort.

Wrought Iron, perhaps the most classic material of them all has a special place in many people's hearts because it is what they grew up eating at with their grandparents and elders. Wrought iron is a very heavy material, granted, but it has a great deal to offer for this one drawback. Wrought iron furniture can withstand anything and more that any other patio furniture could withstand, and the classic beauty of it shines. It is truly something that can be passed down the family through generations, and still look as magnificent as the day it was purchased.

There really are countless options to choose from, and to look into only one would be severely selling yourself short of the perfect furniture for your home and outdoor space.

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Patio Furniture Product Design

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This article was published on 2010/11/01